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Nelson Elementary School

Hacienda La Puente USD

  • 330 North California Avenue, La Puente, CA 91744 • 626.933.8401 

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    Mrs. Rupert

    Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Rupert

    Mrs. Margaret Rupert has been teaching for 15 years in our district and 20 years directing and teaching preschool before that. She has 3 beautiful daughters and 4 grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting her grandchildren in Minnesota and Maryland. She and her husband enjoy driving up the California coast and exploring nature and sometimes even camping with their two golden retrievers. Mrs. Rupert proudly stated, "Students with Special Needs are a big  part of me. I have an autistic grandson, but it started even before that. My love of being witness to the students' growth, fills my spirit with joy".  We are such lucky Nelson Knights to have Mrs. Rupert as a teacher here!

    School "Happenings"


    Nelson Elementary is looking to provide families with an opportunity to build literacy in two languages. Parents select the Dual Language Program to stimulate their child’s cognitive, social, and linguistic  development.  It prepares children with advantages to compete for future careers.  Dual Language Education provides children with the skills needed to live and work in a multicultural and global economy.

     What does a Dual Language Program Offer?

    This unique program offers English and Spanish speaking students the opportunity to learn and excel in two languages, English and Spanish.  Students in a Dual Language Program are taught in the 90/10 model.  Students in kindergarten receive 90% of their instruction in Spanish and 10% in English.  Each year, English is gradually increased into the program.  By 5th grade, instructional time will be 50% in English and 50% in Spanish.  Students at this time will develop fluency in both languages.

    If you are interested in the Dual Immersion program and your child will start kindergarten in August 2019, please contact the office as soon as possible..

    Programa de doble inmersión En Español 

    La escuela Nelson se está preparando para ofrecer el programa de DobleInmersión para estimular el desarrollo lingüístico, cognitivo y social de sus hijos.El programa preparará a los alumnos con aventajas para competir en carreras del futuro. Educación en los dos idiomas proveerá las habilidades necesarias para vivir y contribuir  en una economía de varias culturas. 

     Que es los que ofrece el programa de Doble Lenguaje?

    Este extraordinario programa ofrece a estudiantes la oportunidad de aprender y prevalecer en los idiomas de inglés y español.  Los estudiantes en el programa de Doble Lenguaje reciben sus clases basadas en el modelo 90/10.  Los estudiantes del kínder comienzan recibiendo el 90% de su instrucción en español y el 10% en inglés.  De ahí en adelante el idioma de inglés es aumentado gradualmente cada año.  Al llegar al quinto grado, el tiempo de instrucción es ensenado el 50% en inglés y el 50% en español.  Es de esta manera que los estudiantes desarrollan la habilidad de hablar ambos idiomas con fluidez.

    Si tiene interés sobre el programa de Inmersión Doble y su hijo/a entrará at kínder en agosto 2019, favor de llamar a la oficina lo más pronto posible.

    Squeezing drugs out of our lives !



    Science Olympiad Ready to Soar

    Science Olympiad is Ready for the Gold

    We are so proud of our future scientists and engineers here at Nelson.  Under the leadership of Mrs. Oyakawa and Mrs. Diaz, these fine Olympiads are ready to show off their "stuff" in the spring!  Seventeen students, grades 4-6, were selected by application, to be a part of this amazing team.  They meet with their coaches twice a week to research, collaborate, design, learn, and prepare for the big event...the Annual Science Olympiad being held at Occidental College on Saturday, March 2, 2019. Gold?  Silver? Bronze?  We know that no matter the outcome, our students will always be GOLD!

    For more information about the actual event, click on the link below.  Congratulations to our Nelson Olympians...some of Nelson's finest!

    Science Olympiad 2019


    Teachers as Facilitators of Mathematical Learning!

    We are so proud of our teachers, Ms. Chou, Mrs. Conde, Mrs. Oyakawa, and Mrs. Peck for being a part of the DNA Math Summer Academy for 4 years in a row.  They spent weeks of their summer break engaging in training in mathematics to come back to Nelson and lead our staff into meaningful mathematics experiences for our students.  We look forward to making our students become real world problem solvers and critical thinkers through terrific hands-on math activities.



    Our Holiday Program is coming to town...STARRING:

    • Classes from Ms. Rupert, Mrs. Conde, Mr. Hernandez, Ms.  Chou, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Diaz, and Mr. Helmich
      • Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.
    • Classes from Mrs. Pung, Ms. Shaffer, Mrs. Esparza, Ms. Garrido, Ms. Stanzione, Ms. Oyakawa, and Mr. Park
      • Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.

    Come join us for some holiday fun in our Nelson Cafeteria...come one, come all!



    Thursdays:  College Spirit Attire

    Fridays:        Nelson School Spirit Shirts

    Superior Students Recognized

    Congratulations to 2nd grader, Mia, 5th grader, Emily, and 6th grader, Mariana for representing Nelson at the School Board Meeting in early October. They were awarded certificates for their character and hard work in school.  They are great role models for all...we proudly recognize these successful Knights!  Congratulations!

    "My Favorite Book" Contest Winners Announced
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